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Soon People will Be Able to Text to 911

APD dispatch says locals will soon be able to text 911.
Calling and talking to 911 dispatchers will soon not be the only option for people that need help.

The FCC is working with cell phone companies to ensure people will soon be able to text, send pictures and video messages to dispatchers.

According to Communications Manager, Wayne Brandt, there are a lot of benefits to this system. 

Not only will it help the hearing impaired, but it will also help people that are in danger and cannot speak to communicate with 911.

For example, if there is an active shooter and the person in need of held needs to be quiet.

The process of texting is much slower than speak directly to someone, but the FCC is working with cell phone providers to find the fastest way that someone can send a text and it will go directly to the dispatchers.

This system is used in some big cities already and Brandt says it may make its way to Abilene within the year.
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