Springtime Allergies Blow In

Springtime Allergies Blow In

Spring is officially here, and unfortunately, allergies tend to blow in with the new season. Cedar pollens are some of the biggest culprits this time of year.
Lots of sneezing, itchy nose, runny nose, red, itchy, watery eyes. Sound familiar?

Dr. Ashley Hall, of Hendrick Medical Center, knows that as we turn the corner to spring, allergies begin to blossom.

"They have been worse compared to the last couple of years, with an increase in the pollens", says Dr. Hall.

More specifically, cedar pollen allergies.

"It's really the only one [allergy] that's noticed this time of year, being the only tree that pollinates in the winter, so I guess that's why people blame cedar," explains Dr. Hall.

If you've never battled cedar allergies, unfortunately, you're not out of the woods.

"You can develop allergies at any age. Normally you see younger kids up into their 20's and 30's. But we are seeing people who have allergies now in their 60's and 70's," Dr. Hall tells us.

If left untreated, those pesky symptoms can lead to more serious issues.

"It can lead to sinus infections, it becomes sort of a bacterial breeding ground, when all the normal drainage is closed off," Dr. Hall says.

She suggests uprooting your allergies with antihistamines before they have a chance to grow into worse symptoms. But if your sneezing leaves you struggling now, your best bet is to get in the doctor's office for some instant relief.
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