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Sweetwater Holds Hearing To Debate Proposed Law On Rattlesnake Gassing

About 150 People Came To Voice Their Opinion On The Controversial Topic Of Gassing.
The sixth Texas hearing to decide on a proposed law that will prohibit "gassing" was held today at the TSTC campus in Sweetwater. About 150 people came out to make it clear that they are against this possible ruling. 

Questions were raised about the accuracy of the data used in the debate. Many people said the studies were out of date and irrelevant to this particular area. Other concerns were in regards to the medical impact this law could have. Without gassing, there will be an increase of rattlesnakes which will make a person's chances of getting bit increase. This increase will not be maintained because there will be a decrease in anti-venom due to the lack of venom obtained through gassing. 

Details from the six hearings will be discussed by the Texas Commissioners on Thursday in Austin. 
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