Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round Up May Be Affected By Proposed Law

Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round Up May Be Affected By Proposed Law

Recent controversies regarding "gassing" snakes has lead to a proposed law that would prohibit this method, possibly hurting the annual Rattlesnake Roundup.
A method known as "gassing" has commonly been used to force rattlesnakes out of the ground. Many people are concerned that this process is destroying other living habitats and affecting the ecosystem.

There have been many misconceptions about how gassing works. According to The Texas Jaycees, it is not actual gas being poured into the snake's den, but the fumes from the gas. They do not poison the snake, the smell just forces them out of their dens or holes. 

Texas has proposed a law that if ruled will prohibit this method of obtaining snakes. If outlawed, the world's largest Rattlesnake Round Up in Sweetwater may not happen. The Texas Jaycees, coordinators of the Round Up, say 80 percent of the snakes at the event are obtained through gassing.

If made illegal, not only will the Round Up be affected, but the entire economy of Sweetwater. 

There will be four hearings held to discuss this issue. The local hearing in Sweetwater will be held January 17th at 10 a.m. at the Sweetwater TSTC campus.
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