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Taylor County Sheriff's Office is Stepping up to Combat DWIs During the Holiday Season

Because of a TxDot grant, the Taylor County Sheriff Office will have more deputies patrolling for DWIs this holiday season.
Taylor County was selected to receive a grant from TxDot so that it is possible for more deputies to patrol for DWIs this holiday season.Taylor County was selected because of the the number of DWI deaths and injuries reported in the area.

Last year during the holiday season, which includes December 1st of 2012 to January 1st of 2013, there were 776 DWI- related crashes resulting in 78 deaths and 239 serious injuries statewide. That was a 9.4% increase in crashes and a 21.8% increase in deaths compared to the previous year for that same time period.

Last year in Taylor County alone, there were 180 DWI crashes that resulted in 67 serious injuries and 7 deaths. In 2011, there were 158 DWI crashes, 58 serious injuries, and 6 deaths.

TxDot and Law Enforcement are teaming up to curb incidents of driving while intoxicated this holiday season.

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