Taylor County Tea Party Leader Runs for Abilene Mayor

Taylor County Tea Party Leader Runs for Abilene Mayor

<span style="font-size: x-small;" mce_style="FONT-FAMILY: ; FONT-SIZE: x-small"> <p>Mayor Norm Archibald is seeking his third term in office this election season, but now he'll have to beat a Tea Party candidate.</p></span>
Patricia Hippely says that she didn't plan to run for Mayor of Abilene.

"I was really hoping that a good conservative would stand up and run but since there were none I just felt compelled to do so," said Hippely.

As one of the co-founders of the Taylor County Tea Party, Hippely says she plans on addressing budget issues that she feels haven't been handled correctly in the past.

"Americans are having to tighten their belts.  I mean there are people having to take on two jobs, there are people with no jobs.  They're spending less in food and gas for their families, and the idea that we can spend in those kinds of entitlements I think that City Councilors, Mayors, and leaders in the community have got to start thinking outside the box," said Hippely.

Hippely says if elected she would like to focus on creating more jobs, work against sustainable development projects and help small businesses get the support they need.

"Mayor Archibald is a smart man.  He knows the job he has the experience, but with times the way that they are I don't know if that necessarily will be a detriment to my running," added Hippely.

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