Teens attend Hot Dog - You've got a Job! Job Fair

Teens attend Hot Dog - You've got a Job! Job Fair

Does dress code affect a teen when they are looking for a job?
"If we don't start at a young age, then we're not gonna learn when we're older," said 17-year-old, Daizy Osborne.

Daizy, along with friend Hannah were at the "Hot Dog, I've got a job!" youth job fair at the Abilene Civic Center. 

Both girls dressed down for the event, they'd just left school and didn't have time to go home to change.

"I mean, I know my shirt is not appropriate, but I wanted to make it here," Osborne said. 

Most adults agreed that teens looking for jobs should dress the part, but the girls said it was tough because of their hectic schedules. 

Jacob Borrego was dressed for the event, but he came as an employer and not a job seeker. 

"I wanted to do a lot of great things and I was real involved in high school," Borrego said. 

Borrego is now part owner of the Sonic on Sayles Blvd, and said he's living his dream. 

The teens we talked to agreed that professional dress attire is important, but it is not something that can always be achieved, especially when you're running from school to certain events.


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