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Texas Beef Checkoff Voting To Raise Program Funds

The Beef Checkoff Program Is a Rancher-Funded Program That Helps Educate People On Beef Production and Consumption, They Are Asking People To Vote and Increase Funding.
Farmers and ranchers across the state will be voting to increase the Texas Beef Checkoff program an extra dollar per head. The rate is currently one dollar and has been that way since the 80's.

The Beef Checkoff is a rancher funded program that helps educate and correct misinformation regarding beef consumption and production.

Ranchers say the drought is increasingly taking a toll on their livestock and causing prices to sky rocket. That not only costs you more at the Supermarket, but Ranchers are losing money as well.

Voting for Abilene will take place June 2nd to June 6th at the Taylor County Extension Office.
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