Update: Abilene ISD Appoves Standardized Dress Code

Update: Abilene ISD Appoves Standardized Dress Code

Abilene ISD board members approved a proposal for a standardized dress code for students at the middle school level, starting next school year.
UPDATE: The Abilene ISD school board has determined to standardize the dress code, starting at the middle school level. They have also approved of the Mann/Craig Middle School redistricting proposal.

ORIGINAL STORY: Abilene ISD is taking steps to improve the district’s performance and security.

The school board hopes to make a decision Monday night on which bonds they will sell in order to generate $87 million for new construction projects which will allow for new security features.

The school will use the money to build vestibules at every elementary and several other campuses that will limit entrance into the school building, and will help school administrators and staff keep track of who enters and exits the premises.

Also up for discussion is standardizing the dress code for elementary schools.

Though no decision has yet been made, the discussion has already generated a great amount of support.

Monday night, the board will hear recommendations from the superintendent.

Though no date has been set, Superintendent Heather Burns believe a standardized dress model is likely to be implemented in Abilene elementary schools by next year.

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