Vendors And Merchants Prepare For The Annual Rattlesnake Round Up

Vendors And Merchants Prepare For The Annual Rattlesnake Round Up

Set up has begun in Nolan County for the annual rattlesnake round up.
The spotlight will shine on Sweetwater this weekend and people from all over the world will be there.

You and the rattlesnakes are not allowed in yet, but the vendors are.

"We've got t-shirts, we've got tumblers, we've go coffee cups, I mean caps, just all kinda of merchandise to market this year," says Sherrie Parks, a wife of a Sweetwater Jaycee.

This weekend marks the 56th annual Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup.

"We just want everybody to come out and have a really great time," adds Parks.

Of course the main attraction are the rattlesnakes. They'll be skinned and milked. Their venom will be used for cancer research and anti-venom for snake bite victims.

Ted Thomas, a Sweetwater Jaycee says, "We'll be doing our safety and handling demonstrations. That kind of sets Sweetwater aside from a lot of roundups because we don't have any thrill shows."

Deanna Thomas is a new Sweetwater Jaycee. She's usually a spectator, so she's really excited about participating in this year's round up.

"Jaycees do a lot for the community. We do trash pick ups and lots of fundraisers through the year, just lots of things. It's time for me to give back to the community and help my fellow man," adds Thomas.

The Jaycees say even with the rain chances, they still expect a big turn out at this year's event.
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