Vietnam Veteran Filing Lawsuit Against 25 Agencies

Vietnam Veteran Filing Lawsuit Against 25 Agencies

An Abilene Vietnam War veteran who was trying to raise awareness about soldier suicides was arrested after an unsuccessful visit to Congressman Randy Neugebauer's Abilene office. Now, he's suing more than 25 people and agencies.
An Abilene Vietnam War Veteran is suing 25 agencies after events that happened on the same day he did an interview with KTAB News about soldier suicide rates. 

It was back in April when Larry Gordon had the police called on him while visiting Congressman Randy Neugebauer's office. Now Neugebauer is one of the names on the lawsuit.

Larry Gordon told KTAB's Victor Sotelo how frustrated he was about not getting anywhere with the Congressman after two years of trying to raise awareness about the high number of suicides among returning veterans. That same night, Abilene Police showed up at his home around 11, interviewed him, left, and later returned with a mental health representative. Gordon was eventually taken into custody.

Gordon was then transported to a mental facility and held for 6 days. According to the Federal lawsuit, during the interview Gordon said he would gladly give his life to save others. That statement was considered a suicidal threat.

Gordon is suing Congressman Neugebauer, the Abilene Police Department and Chief, the City of Abilene, Taylor and Jones Counties, and several others. More than 20 individuals, government entities, and health care providers are named in the lawsuit.

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