Working The Camp Barkeley Fire

Working The Camp Barkeley Fire

Brandon Talley is a volunteer firefighter with the Hamby Fire Dept, and does not get paid, but says he loves to fight fire.
Brandon Tally has a full time job, and it's not as a firefighter.

"I work out at the prison unit for TDCJ so it's my first day back off from my four days off -  so it worked out pretty good on that," said Talley while out at the Command Post in Buffalo Gap. 

He is one of the many volunteer firefighters out in Buffalo Gap helping extinguish the large fire that started Sunday afternoon.

While most people take time to relax during their days off.. Brandon is not taking any time off.

"This is my official first day out here," he said. "Our department's been out here yesterday for about six hours"

Talley works as a volunteer for the Hamby Fire Department.

"Gives me a chance to help people," he said.

He's been a volunteer firefighter for 3 years and has been to more than 75 fires. the size of the Camp Barkeley fire though, is a first for him.

"None of them have been this big, or not very many of them this big at least.. but, I've been to quite a few over all"

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