Wreck on I-20

Wreck on I-20

A wreck on I-20 backs up traffic for hours
Cars sitting in deadlock
Cars sitting in deadlock
A wreck on I-20 near Ranger Hill had drivers sitting in traffic for hours. The accident happened around two this afternoon.

Two, 18 wheelers and one car crashed into one another in the east bound lane.

According to DPS there are no fatalities, but it took hours for the roads to be cleared.

Many drivers were frustrated that no alternate route was given or that DPS did not put up signs telling people to seek another highway.

Some drivers decided to give up and turn around using the median, while others watched movies or worked on their laptop.

One driver was especially happy that he stopped for gas and used the bathroom.

Most drivers know how dangerous Ranger Hill can be when the roads are slick and said people should use extra caution when the weather is bad.

For many people I-20 was the only way to get to their final destination, so they had no choice but to sit and wait it out.

Eventually traffic was cleared and cars began moving once again.

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