Year Long Mystery Solved In Missing Tree Case

Year Long Mystery Solved In Missing Tree Case

A year long mystery of fruit trees being cut down has been solved.
A year long mystery has been solved. An Abilene businessman tired of dealing with criminal mischief took matters into his own hands.

Gary Norman, owner of Gary's Floral Gallery, trees may have produced fruit this year, but instead he's left with stumps that were left in the ground.

Norman wasn't discouraged, and plant new trees a few weeks ago. However, the trees were cut down again.

Norman filed a report with the Abilene Police department, and took to Facebook offering a reward for information about the trees removal.

A woman from Canyon Lake neighborhood contacted Norman, telling him she had also planted fruit trees and her neighbors saw beavers cutting them down.

Turns out, beavers were also the same tree thief Norman was dealing with.

A trapper was called in, who located and trapped the beaver.

Mystery and problem solved.

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