Despite Rise in Condemned Houses, One Man Steps Up

Despite Rise in Condemned Houses, One Man Steps Up

One local man is determined to keep his house standing after he received a condemn notice from the City of Abilene. Condemned homes are still a big problem in the Key City. This month alone, seven houses have been categorized for demolition in Abilene.
Though English is still a second language for 71-year old Enrique Ramos, he understood the words on a sign posted on his house a year ago.

"It needed a lot of maintenance, and I guess the city just kind of pushed him to do it", says Janie Martinez, daughter of Ramos.

Twenty years of making his house into a home, and nine children later, Ramos was determined to not let his house go to waste. So he got busy.

"Every single detail has been hand-worked by him", explains Martinez.

And now, Ramos' house is transformed, from a condemned and unlivable environment, to a custom home, that he is proud of.

"He just wants to live the rest of his days in it. That's all he has", says Martinez.

Though there's still a little more work to be done, Ramos says he's inspired and is actually thankful the city pushed him to make a change.

"It was kind of a blessing in disguise, because the house did need a facelift, but at the same time he sees it as a great job he could do, and if it wasn't for the city doing this, he wouldn't have done what he's done", Martinez tells us.

With other condemned homes in the neighborhood, Ramos is ready to move forward in a safe, clean home, and finally, take down that sign.

Ramos tells us that he has a city inspector scheduled to come out this week to look over his work, and he is confident it will pass this time. He is hoping to move back into his house shortly after it passes.
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