Device Gives Wounded A Leg Up

Device Gives Wounded A Leg Up

A new device is allowing people with an injured leg to regain full movement of the limb.
"This is something that you'll be seeing for years to come and it will have started here."

That's Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Donald Gajewski describing a new device called the IDEO, which is being developed at the Center for the Intrepid at Fort Sam Houston.

He calls it a game-changer for the treatment of all kinds of leg and foot problems. "This device is going to change the way we take care of civilian traumas."

But the IDEO device is probably the biggest medical advancement you've never heard of yet, because it's only been tried on a few hundred wounded warriors so far and because, frankly, it's hard for even doctors to explain what it does.

IDEO stands for Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis. That's a little complicated for most of us, but you can think of it as a cross between an old-fashioned leg brace and the latest in high-tech prosthetic legs.  And it could someday help millions around the world.

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