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Domestic Violence Effects Can Last For A Lifetime

Out of the more than 3 million children who witness domestic violence each year, many will carry the abusive behavior into their older years. From habits to emotions, the effects of family abuse on children can be devastating.
Domestic Violence Awareness month is coming to an end. But the impact family violence can have on children, in some cases, can last for a lifetime. The subject was discussed tonight in a presentation at 'Noah Project' in Abilene.

Each year, more than 3 million children are exposed to violence in their homes. Of those, many hold onto that behavior into adulthood. Experts say it's because many victims grow up to believe that type of behavior is normal. They then develop or accept the same abuse in their own relationships. Statistics show children in abusive homes tend to develop drug and alcohol addictions, and in some cases, commit crimes against others.
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