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Eastland Getting Cleaner Water and Price Hikes

Eastland and Ranger residents should soon taste cleaner water.
Eastland and Ranger residents should soon taste cleaner water. 

That's because the Eastland County Water Supply District is getting an $11 million upgrade.

"No one drives a 1955 automobile anymore because it doesn't perform to the standards that we have today and neither does our treatment plant," said Dale Bennington, supervisor at the Eastland County Water District.  

The more than 50 year-old system is about to breach the minimum requirement set by state standards. 

Bennington has supervised the plant for two years now and says the improvements will be noticed.
they will see a cleaner, more consistent water. 

"With the new system all of this will be eliminated. The old sand filters will be replaced with membranes, that's a set of tubes that will be able to remove even more dirt and contaminants than now and that means, cleaner water," he said. 

"A particle this size will not go through a whole this size and so therefore you eliminate the possibility of getting larger dirt particles in your water," said Bennington.   

It will, however, come at a price.  water rates in both Eastland and Ranger will go up. 

Eastland officials voted on an 18% increase in average residential rates. 

That will be about $4.50 more a month per household.

"We concluded that it would be a good investment in the future of not only our city, but for most of Eastland county as well," said  Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday. 

A pilot system will be tested out April 1.  Bennington says that soon after that, residents from Eastland and ranger should be able to taste the difference.
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