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Food Bank of West Central Texas Still Short on Supply

Share Your Christmas raised over 100,000 meals for needy families in the Big Country, but the Food Bank of West Central Texas is still experiencing a shortage of food this holiday season.
Although the 28th Annual Share Your Christmas food drive benefiting the Food Bank of West Central Texas raised over 127,000 meals for hungry West Texans, the Food Bank is still lacking donations.

Between SNAP benefits being cut and some local companies laying off employees, there are more in need than usual. Jody Houston, Director of the Food Bank of West Central Texas, explained that she has heard from agencies that more and more middle class families are in need this Christmas season.

Vicki Cook, Director of Christian Family Ministries of Coleman County, shopped for her agency today at the Food Bank. She explained that normally, they are open on the first and third Mondays of each month, however, on this particular Monday,they could not even open because they did not have food on the shelves. 

The Food Bank is in need of protein items such as ground beef or turkey, canned chicken, beans, and peanut butter.
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