Forced into a Haunted House, Could you do it?

Forced into a Haunted House, Could you do it?

"Andy and Amy went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and oh my God, this is one of my favorite things I've ever seen in my life," DeGeneres said.

Many of us have seen the horrors of a staged 'Haunted House' attraction but have you ever been forced to make it through one at the request of your boss? Ellen DeGeneres has made it an October tradition to send one of the show's writers, Amy Rhodes, who is easily frightened into a haunted house and film it for our entertainment. This year, however, she made the executive producer Andy Lassner join Amy which resulted in twice the frightened hilarity.

Ellen told Andy, “Thank you for starting a new tradition, we are going to send both of you through the Haunted House every year now.”

The Haunted House was named “The Walking Dead; No Safe Haven,” so Amy and Andy had to walk through a eerie recreation of the Georgia penitentiary the characters on the AMC hit show use as a sanctuary from zombies.

After the video that actually glorifies Rhodes as the braver of the duo, DeGeneres was so pleased with this new tradition that she literally wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. Click here to see why she was laughing so hard.

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