Free Books Promote Literacy

Free Books Promote Literacy

A world-wide effort to get more people reading made it's way to Abilene Tuesday night. World Book Night was celebrated by a few volunteers, who handed out free copies of books to various places around Abilene all to help promote literacy. Each volunteer chose a title from a list, and handed out 20 copies, hoping to get more people in the Big Country reading.
"You can kind of escape, or you can learn about different things in the world. And to me, it's one of my favorite past times. And if you can share it with someone, that's even better," said Amy Allen, book giver. 

As she reads aloud, Amy not only sharing a poem. She sharing her love of reading, by handing out free copies of books.

"Just promoting literacy," said librarian Ann Mount. "Getting books out to non-readers or light readers who probably don't come to the library very often."

So that's why Amy is handing out a book of her choice at the Highland Assisted Living Center. Saying there are places all over Abilene that could benefit from cracking open a few more books

"I feel like, maybe sometimes reading is a forgotten past time," Amy explained. "And I just feel like it's important to keep that  kind of culture alive."

And the new books help those on the receiving end in more ways than one.

"It's beneficial for them to read books here. If they need help, we can help them. And then when they go into the community to help volunteer, and they have to write and or write, they can practice on their skills here," said Margie Little, administrative assistant at Highland.  

And while watching the newly converted book worms curl up with their new finds, Amy says it's about more than spreading the love of books.

"I just feel like reading can bring people together," said Amy. "And so I think it's a good way to stay connected with other people in the community."
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