Going Green: Despite Drought, Farm Stays Organic

Going Green: Despite Drought, Farm Stays Organic

A drought stricken farm in abilene to keep its food as natural as possible.
This is what an organic farm looks like, similar to other but grown with out the help of  pesticides. Grapevine farms spans over 70 beautiful acres, and is run by this man, Paul Thomas.

"It was actually a ten year planning process to get the plan in place." Said Paul Thomas.

But it just opened this year and what a year its been.

"The heat just ate us up, in a good year we could harvest 30,000 dollars worth of produce but  last year we only harvest a thousand dollars."   Said Paul Thomas.

But Paul says he is going to keep going till the money runs out and keep the farm organic.

"I've got 6 guinea hens and 2 live turkeys." Said Paul Thomas.

He feeds them natural grain and says a run in the sun is not only good for the chickens but the farm

"The only time they are going to lay eggs is when they are happy."  Said Paul Thomas.

Grapevine Website: www.grapevinefarms.us/
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