Going Green: Gold's Gym Gets Rid of Paper Waste

Going Green: Gold's Gym Gets Rid of Paper Waste

Many business are realizing that going green is not only eco-friendly but cost effective as well.<br><img src="http://bigcountryhomepage.com/images/Multi_Media/bigcountryhomepage/nxd_media/img/jpg/2011_01/d13e1e1c-6d02-ffe4-85f2-fb27808b4338/raw.jpg">
A paper towel is put to good use in any gym.

"People are using them to wipe down the equipment, they are using it to wipe off the sweat on their bodies, and we use a lot in the bathrooms."  Said Terri Watkins of Gold's Gym.

And with a gym as busy as Gold's in Abilene, it can mean a lot of paper waste.  

"Oh yea, we have a lot of paper waste for sure."   Said Terri Watkins. 

Until now. In an effort to reduce waste Gold's Gym made the decision to make a switch from paper towels to cloth towels. And they were happy to see find it was not an expensive transition. 

"As far as cost goes, it comes out the same and if it helps the community, we are happy to do it." Said Terri Watkins. 

So instead of throwing the towel away, these towels are washed and reused. 

"It sets the example, I mean we are just one cog in the wheel.  We can all do a little bit and if this is something we can do, we are happy to do it."  Said Terri Watkins.
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