Going Green: Markers Act as an Reminder

Going Green: Markers Act as an Reminder

In an effort to keep our water sources clean, the city of Abilene is putting out a few hundred reminders. 
There are over 150 storm drains across the city and all of them lead to the waterway.
"Sewers are not sanitized, they go straight to our water source." Said Nicole Eaves of the city of Abilene.

So dumping can be dangerous.

"If they dumped their used motor oil, that's an contaminant that goes in our drinking water." Said Nicole Eaves. 

And it can also be messy. 

"If the grass clipping get in the drains it can clog the drain and that's more cleaning and maintenance for us."Said Nicole Eaves. 

So the city plans to place markers on area drain as an educational tool.

"We just want the citizens to know that the sewers are not for yard waste and grass clippings." Said Nicole Eaves. 

Or dangerous chemicals, they need to be disposed of properly.

"Your household chemicals can be taken to the environmental recycling center on oak street." Said Nicole Eaves. 
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