Going Green: Natural Way to Rid Your House of Wasps

Going Green: Natural Way to Rid Your House of Wasps

In lieu of recent bee attacks, you may be looking for ways to control the population near your house.<br>
Arlena had problems with wasps around her house and she says this season was especially bad. 

" The moisture came at the right time to make the wasp population explode."

But she was hesitant to use a pesticide to solve the problem.

"People don't realize those pesticide go into the ground water and then they get into the water supply."

So she took a natural approach to ride her house of the pests. First step was to remove the wasps. 

"Using simple soap you can take dishwasher soap and a cup full of water and mix it in a container."

In this case, Arlena used a water pistol.

"Throw it on the wasps nests and the wasps immediately fall and the suffocate instantly."

Once empty, discard the nest and replace it with a fake one. 

" They don't come back and build nests, you can make one out of paper mache. Take a ballon and put paper mache around it and let it dry."

Arlena says this method worked well for her.

"Well actually it pretty simple pretty straightforward."  
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