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Going Green: Pros and Cons of Natural Pet Food

<span style="font-size:10.0pt;font-family:&quot;Microsoft Sans Serif&quot;">Each day our bright eyed and furry friends rely on their owners to keep them healthy.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes">&nbsp; </span>Dr. Ellis has his take on natural pet food.</span>
Each day our bright eyed and furry friends rely on their owners to keep them healthy.  Dr. Ellis has his take on natural pet food.

"It is a topic that has been up for discussion for years, just like for people.  There is no question there is a lot of additives both in our diets as people and for our pets as well," said Dr. Ellis.

Picking the right pet food can be a big decision.  Besides preservatives, natural pet food can also eliminate unnecessary color dyes.

"You want to at least research the product you're buying, and they should have production that deals with the products," added Dr. Ellis. 

Oftentimes your local vet offers a more natural alternative.  Premium pet food can be expensive, but can save the owner money in the long run.  You can also find other options online.  Some of which are better than others.

"Make sure what you're providing meets the full need, not just a portion of it," said Dr. Ellis.

Dogs and cats need a variety of nutrients, different for each pet.  While cats are true carnivores, dogs are not.  Without a well balanced diet your pet could get very sick.  Some symptoms are more obvious than others and can be hard to pick out.  Which is why reading the label is so important.  Make sure your pet is getting the right amount of protein, good quality protein.

"The biggest thing with natural stuff is to do enough research to be aware," said Dr. Ellis.

Experts also recommend sampling the pet food first, it may take your pet some time to adjust to the new taste, but if you are debating the upgrade Dr. Ellis has his opinion.

"Just like with people, fresh is always better than preserved," mentioned Dr. Ellis.

 However, just because the pet food may be natural, does not mean it is healthy.


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