Going Green: Rose Trial At Cisco College

Going Green: Rose Trial At Cisco College

A big trial is taking place at Cisco College and the results may be very helpful to the green thumbs and no so green thumbs alike. 
This is what a rose trial looks like in its beginning stages, already budding into beautiful flowers even after a tough summer.

"That has been a real strain on plants and they have done beautifully." Said Kathy Feagan, president of the Big Country Master Gardners.

"And that's what the Big Country Master Gardeners were hoping to see with this trial.  Could these roses do well in this are with little rain and hot temperatures?

"What we are testing is that you don't have to be watering on a daily basis."  Said Kathy Feagan.

And they were able to do grow with out the help of chemicals.

"These plants will never have any fertilizer on them, they will never be sprayed for any kind of bugs." Said Kathy Feagan.

Distinguishing these plants as earth kind and West Texas ready.

"What we are trying to discover is the plant for the home owner that doesn't want to do a lot of maintenance and doesn't want to add chemicals." Said Kathy Feagan.

The trial will continue for the next five years.
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