Going Green: Safe Insecticide to Combat West Nile

Going Green: Safe Insecticide to Combat West Nile

West Nile Virus has taken aim on Texas and prevention is key.
There has been one positive mosquito identified for West Nile in Abilene, but the city isn't taking any chances. 

"We spray for 3 days straight a half mile radius around that trapping site."  Said Glenn Bailey, Environmental Health Manager of the city of Abilene.

The spray the city uses is called Kontrol 30-30. Some may be hesitant when they hear insecticide but Glenn ensure the spray's safety. 

"I looked for a pesticide and insecticide that would have a good knock down power but had an environmentally friendly footprint. " Said Glenn Bailey.

And the city makes sure to follow directions on the label. 

"It has to do with how many ounces per acre, how you spray, it when you spray it." Said Glenn Bailey.

Which leaves the city about a 2 hour time period everyday to spray and what is sprayed is very dilute. 

"We are using about .07 ounces per acre its diluted extremely, its a very small amount.  Its generally considered safe if used correctly ."Said Glenn Bailey.

All of the precautions taken to make sure the city residents and environment stay healthy.

"Anyone that we hit is a greater chance to prevent the West Nile virus." Said Glenn Bailey.
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