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Going Green: Yellow Pages Opt Out

For many,flipping through a phone book is a thing of the past and now you can help save hundreds of pages from the printing press. 
"Find a plumber."  Its as easy as that to find a companies name and number. Gone are the days of searching through hundreds of pages just to find that one number.   In an effort to help the environment, yellow pages is offering an opt out option.  You can now choose to to no longer received the crowded contact list by going to yellowpagesoptout.com

Its somewhat of a lengthy process but in the end you can save a load of paper.  Start by typing in www.yellowpagesoptout.com.  Type in your zip code and then click get started.  Scroll down and click register to select which directories to receive.  Here you will have to fill out information but the site promises to not pass on the information.  From there Yellow Pages will send you an email with a link and a password. You will need to choose which directories you would like to opt of .  You can opt of all or choose which specific ones .

This may take a little bit of time to complete but yellow pages hopes to save paper by not making book for those who won't use them.
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