Hailey Dunn Remembered at Memorial Mass Service

Hailey Dunn Remembered at Memorial Mass Service

A memorial mass service was held at St. Ann's catholic church in Colorado City Wednesday evening. Her friends and classmates organized the service as a way to help deal with the loss of their friend. The congregation sang, prayed and remembered the teen, saying she had a huge impact on the community that they will never forget.
They came together to be united for Hailey one more time.

"It felt really good to know that it wasn't just us having to grieve with it, that everyone and we were all there together," said Hailey's classmate, Mason Maddox.

They prayed, sang and remembered the 13 year old cheerleader that was so close to them. The church is located a block away from where the teen grew up. And as they remembered her, friends and searchers couldn't help but think about how close they were to hailey's home. 

"Knowing that 28 months ago, that's where she was. And 28 months later we're here, having a mass for her because she's gone," said Kristy Turner, searcher. 

"Knowing that no longer will she be walking through those doors, or we won't be going over there, besides for memorial things like this, it makes you feel really sad," said Maddox. 

And though bittersweet, friends and loved ones say it's still great to see the impact that their friend had on their hometown.

"It felt great, to show that everybody really cared that she was gone and now she's been found," said Emily Rivera, Hailey's classmate. 

"Teels awesome to know that the community still loves and cared for Hailey," said Turner. "Even though it's been 28 months, that she's still very dear to their hearts."

As they prayed for Hailey, it was clear that she is still in the hearts of many, especially as those prayers of hope and remembrance turn into prayers for justice.
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