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Hailey Dunn's Birthday Doesn't Change Anything For Lead Investigators

It has been over a year and a half since Hailey Dunn was reported missing from Colorado City and a week from today, Hailey would have been celebrating her 15th birthday.
It's a time in a young girls life that is filled with anticipation but for people still looking for Hailey, her birthday will not change the fact that she is still missing.

Over a year and a half of headlines, pleas to the public and speculation, no one has seen Hailey Dunn.

To an outsider looking in, it can be a discouraging sequence of events.

Lead investigator Kelsey Rivera of the Colorado City Police Department has been on the case since Hailey was reported missing. Rivera says the key is keeping the same mind set that she had when the initical call of a missing girl came in.

Rivera says the case gets her attention everyday, even if it's just going back to review the records. And through the ups and downs of the search for Dunn detective Rivera says she has stayed in a certain frame of mind and on August 28th, Haileys 15th birthday, that will not change.

This weekend, a prayer vigil is planned in Colorado City for Hailey's birthday.

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