Hawley Residents Claim Violations In City Funds

Hawley Residents Claim Violations In City Funds

Residents seek clarity about how several Hawley employees are using city funds
All they want are answers.

"I think that we need to know everything that's going on we have a right to know," said Peggy Sue Mansell, from Hawley.
And a bit of clarity about how several Hawley officials are using city funds.

"They're not telling us when they're going to do it or if they will do it," said Mansell.

Hawley residents have even  asked officials during public meetings  to release an official yearly audit.

Council members say they've had one completed, they just haven't shown residents the paperwork.  

One former city employee who asked to remain anonymous claims there are several financial discrepancies. 

"As a salaried employee I know for a fact you do not pay yourself holiday extra you do not write yourself a separate check for holiday pay, that was done," she said.

So far city officials haven't publicly addressed the allegations and after several calls, they have yet to comment, which for some is the main reason for concern.  

"It's still makes us feel like they're not, they're hiding something," said Mansell. 

The former city employee says she is planning on handing in a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain financial records from the past budget term.   
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