Heating System Safety

Heating System Safety

Before you turn the heat on in your home, pick up the phone and call a professional to check out your system to make sure everything is in working order, if not it could lead to a fire.

The Abilene Fire Department was dispatched to a building not far from the Taylor County Courthouse, after a fire was reported inside the business.

The fire was in the furnace closet. Abilene firemen put it out quickly with not too much damage, but a member of APD says the furnace fire is a good reminder that twice a year you need to call an air-conditioning and heating specialist to take a look at your system, because fire is actually the least of your worries

"Your air-conditioning once a year and your heating once a year, so two times a year you need to have your system looked at."

Kenneth Rich, of Hall Air Conditioning, says if your system is not checked there is a chance something could go wrong, like the potential for fires. Although rare, according to Rich, it can happened a couple of different ways

"A dirty machine, if the machine is not venting correctly, the fire can roll out of the heat exchanger box, and flex connectors that run threw the furriness cavity, and it vibrates onto the case, and it will rub a little hole on it, that can cause a fire. It needs to be a solid piece of gas pipe that should penetrate threw the cavity, then tie it on with a flex connector to eliminate that vibration."

Another danger you may not know about or even know is happening is carbon monoxide poisoning.

"The young man who lived in the house was complaining about head aches and they did a bunch of test on him and they could not figure out what was wrong with him. His problem, he had big holes in the heat exchanger, and the stuff that was supposed to be going outside the home, out of the vent pipe, was coming into his house."

Rich says there are also money saving implications

"You get more benefits other than just the safety features of it. If a machine is not clean, it dose not run as efficient as it is supposed to."

A routine check of your system will cost about 75 dollars.

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