Hit And Run Vicitms Family Reaches Out To Find Culprit

Hit And Run Vicitms Family Reaches Out To Find Culprit

All his family wants is to find who did it 
Even in a coma Mitch Riffle is the light of the room- the glue that holds everyone together.

"The doctors have told us that if he does pull through that he'll never be the same," said his wife Kay Riffle who has been staying alongside her husband at the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth.

Now its his family who surround him - wondering whether he can feel their touch- sense their kiss as they support him during the biggest challenge of his life. 

"I brought my stuffed animal that I've had since I was a little girl and tell him, 'Fluffy's right here so hes keeping you company'," said his daughter Lindsay Riffle.

It was a truck wreck that put him here. 

A hit and run- causing the pickup he was in to roll over on Ranger Hill.

All his family wants is to find who did it. 

"Somebody knows who owns this vehicle, somebody knows where this vehicle is," said Kay Riffle.

Recently there's been a glimmer of hope- they may now have new leads.

"There's not been a lot of good news, " said Lauren Petree, whose married to Riffle's step-son, "and to have something to give us something to have good news and look towards means the everything."

New details have emerged about the truck that may have caused the accident. 

For the family it's one step closer to getting what they need.

"You know, I don't know, I just need some closure," said Kay Riffle.
For now they wait- surrounding themselves around the man that they each love- making sure he knows they haven't given up. 

Kay Riffle says she just wants some form of justice. 

"I know accidents happen. Maybe someone ran out of fear, but please step up please be a bigger person and say I'm sorry for what i did to your loved one, here I am, " she said.  

The family says it was an off-duty sheriff's deputy who alerted DPS about spotting a blue Chevy extended cab or crew cab with heavy front-end damage and a crumpled hood around the time of the accident.

The deputy said the truck was a blue graphite Chevy with chrome wheels and a white emblem in the middle of the rear window, and was driven by a white male. It did not have a license plate.

Anyone with information should call the Department of Public Safety in Eastland at (254) 629-2849.
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