Hit and Run Victim's Family is Working To Pass New Law

Hit and Run Victim's Family is Working To Pass New Law

A man who ran over a five year old baseball player and left the scene, is now headed to prison.
Ernesto Aguirre was sentenced to 30 years in prison on a charge of aggravated assault for the July 2009 hit and run. Aguirre was on the run for a while after he hit Isaiah Flores.

Police had a hard time identifying Aguirre because his name was not on the title for the truck but the Flores family is working to change that.

Seven year old Isaiah has learned that the man who hit him with his vehicle was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

"I was happy," said Isaiah Flores.

His father will never forget what his son looked like after he was hit.

Mike Flores said, "We are working on the Isaiah administrative law."

That is why he is working with Senator Troy Frazer to require people, after the sale of a vehicle, to put their name on the tittle immediately.

"They will run the license plate, it will come back to your name, and you will be held responsible," said Mike Flores.

This is something Aguirre had not done on the truck he was driving. In fact, it had not been register to anyone's name before the day Isaiah was hit.

Mike Flores says if it wasn't for Crime Stoppers Aguirre might have never been caught.

"He is going to go where the big boys are at instead of just behind bars," said Mike Flores about Aguirre.

Today was a victory for Isaiah and his family.

Isaiah said,"I think he should go to jail for a long time."

The Flores family is looking to score a bigger victory for kids every where with the new legislation.

Frazer's office has said they are looking into legislation that can be considered.
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