Home Depot: Choosing and Installing Crown Moulding

Home Depot: Choosing and Installing Crown Moulding

Joe Welsh from Home Depot is here again. This time to talk about installing crown moulding.
One of the workshops the Home Depot has coming up in October is a workshop on crown moulding. Crown moulding, or ceiling trim, is an inexpensive way to bring the value and beauty to any room in your home.

Here's a few tips as you plan your crown moulding project:

1. Preparation:
        - If this is your first time hanging crown moulding purchase a few extra yards of moulding and make some practice cuts. Label your best practice pieces to use later as templates.
        - Prime and paint (or stain and varnish) all sides of the moulding, including the back, before you install it. This will help keep it from warping and save you considerable time later.

2. Safety:
        - Always exercise caution when cutting your moulding. Wear appropriate hearing and eye protection.

3. Savings:
        - Using a nail gun is a great way to save time and achieve better results when hanging your crown moulding. If you plan to do crown moulding in more than one room, the purchase of a nail gun will be an awesome investment.

4. Tools & Materials:
        - Tools: Nail gun, measuring tape, 4-foot level, power-miter saw, power drill, clamps, stud finder, paint sprayer or brushes.
        - Materials: Nails, caulk gun, moulding, caulk, wood putty, paint or stain.

You can also log on to www.homedepot.com/crownmoulding and check out the great project guide for more tips on how to install crown moulding.
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