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Home Depot: Choosing the Right Christmas Tree

Joe Welsh goes over the pros and cons of artificial and real Christmas trees.
        Are you planning on getting an artificial Christmas tree this year, or are you going to get a real one? If you're not sure which one is best for you then listen up. Joe Welsh stopped by with some great tips on how to choose the tree that is best for you.

"Why should I consider a real tree?"
- Real trees are initially less expensive.
- Each tree is unique and different styles can be selected each year.
- Tree shopping can be a fun, family tradition.
- Real trees are biodegradable.
- This year Home Depot is offering the following varieties: Douglas Fir, Noble & Spruce.
- When you get the tree home place it in water as soon as possible.
- Use a large tree stand to keep your tree from tipping.
- Check the stand daily to be sure the water level is adequate.
- Always turn off tree lights when leaving the house.

"Why should I choose an artificial tree?"
They last up to 10 years and beyond and are easily stored and re-used.
- They are easy to set up.
- They are less of a fire hazard.
-The different trees you will see at Home Depot are PolyVinyl Trees, Polyethelyne Trees, Pre-lit Trees, Flocked Trees and even Outdoor Trees.

        When choosing the height of your trees measure the height of your ceiling before you come to the store or shop online. Don't forget to leave room for the tree holder base and the tree topper. These measurements will help you shop.
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