How to Kick-Start Your New Year's Weight Loss Goals

How to Kick-Start Your New Year's Weight Loss Goals

If you're like most Americans, this week you begin your New Year's resolution to drop a few pounds. Big Country health experts say it's important to stick to a realistic routine, and avoid crash diets.
Many are ready to pump it up and sweat it out-- before the holiday treats are even digested.

Milena Osorne, fitness trainer at Hendrick Health Club, says,"Find out why you're in [the gym], what motivates you, and is it enough to stay?"

The annual spurt of motivation that accompanies the new year is enough to get you in the gym, but not necessarily for the long haul.

"At the beginning you'll usually see fast weight loss. But continuing to do fast weight loss is not healthy because, time and time again I've seen people put it right back on because they're sticking to a really strict regimen that they couldn't possibly maintain for a lifestyle", explains Osborne.

Unlike crash diets and exercise binges, long-term weight loss and maintenance requires a different mindset than just the desire for instant gratification.

"30-day programs and things like that are good for some people, depending on your personality. They are like a jump start to say, 'I achieved these 30 days'. But then what? What happens after that? Most people don't do anything past that", says Osborne.

Unfortunately there's no magic formula to zap those pounds off your body. To find success in your New Year's weight loss goals, experts say, you have to burn to earn it.
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