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I-20 Wreck Causes Second Accident

An RV driver attempting to avoid a wreck that had occurred on I-20 just moments before, ends up the in a second accident.
Just before 4 p.m. Tuesday, a car collided with an 18-wheeler on the eastbound I-20 overpass over Pine Street in north Abilene.

According to police, the car was changing lanes to pass the truck, when the driver lost control and hit the left side concrete median barrier. This caused the car to bounce into the truck.

There were no injuries.
Moments later, an RV driver came up on the wreck and attempted to move over to another lane to avoid the first wreck. The RV ended up hitting a fourth car, a Ford Mustang.

There were no injuries in this separate wreck.
Traffic was narrowed to one lane on the interstate.
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