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Impromptu Christmas Celebration Deemed a Success

An impromptu Christmas celebration was successful as dozens of Abilene children received gifts and candy and got to spend a little time with Santa.
As Jessica Cortez-Galdan drove from Houston to her hometown of Abilene, she reminisced on her childhood Christmas memories. She remembered going to church and receiving brown bags filled with fruit and peanuts as presents and wanted to brighten the lives of children in the neighborhood that she grew up in.

She posted her idea on Facebook, and within hours, many of her Franklin Middle School buddies offered to help her throw a Christmas celebration. Many of those that volunteered to help had not seen Jessica in nearly twenty years.

Jessica and another host of the event, Penny Brown, explained that due to losses that they have suffered, they want to spend this season helping others in honor of their lost loved ones.

Dozens of Abilene children and parents benefited from the kindness of this group of middle school pals. Many toys were passed out and Santa was able to fulfill many Christmas wishes.
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