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Local Mexican American Starts Mariachi Band in Abilene

One major influence is usually missing during Hispanic Heritage month here, but thanks to a local Mexican American, there’s now a mariachi band in Abilene.

Hispanic Heritage month is from September until October 15, and there have been several small celebrations in Abilene. However, any time tribute is paid to Hispanic Americans who have positively influence life in the United States one major influence is usually missing here, the mariachi band. In order to have a mariachi band at an event in Abilene, it must be hired from out of town at a cost of several thousand dollars.

Thankfully, that's all changed thanks to a Mexican American in Abilene. Jose Chavez is originally from Juares, Mexico and came to the United State with his mother. Now, they own jewelry stores in the Mall of Abilene and out of town. He says his new mariachi band is another one of his business ventures as he continues chasing the American dream.

        They will be playing at El Chicos in the Mall of Abilene on Sundays, and is available for hire. You can call the Hispanic Business Council within the Abilene Chamber of Commerce for more information at 677-7241.
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