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Man Claims Store Sold Him Dirty Gasoline, Wants Allsups To Pay Up

More residents across the key city are coming forward saying the gas they are pumping into their vehicles is tainted. One customer says he found dirt along with water in his tank after filling up. 
It was just your average stop at the gas station for Ray Gutierrez, eight and a half gallons later he was on the road again.

"I didn't make it home, my truck started acting up," he said.

Gutierrez, a former mechanic now living off disability, spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what was wrong.

"That is when I drained the tank," he says. "When I found the dirt and water in there, that's when I said oh, I'm in trouble".

He believes those same eight gallons of gasoline he had pumped at a north side Allsups somehow became tainted with dirt.
Now, he's facing upwards of two-thousand dollars in damages.

Gutierrez says he contacted the Allsups corporate office, and they didn't believe him.

"He mentioned the word scam...and that's where I got upset," he explained.

For him this is anything but a scam, and he wants the gas station to take responsibility.

"You know, we're paying three sixty-five a gallon for a good product. And that didn't make sense."
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