Update: Missing HSU Graduate Found, Case Closed

Update: Missing HSU Graduate Found, Case Closed

College Station police have confirmed that former missing Hardin-Simmons University graduate Brendan Boyd has been found and the case has been closed.
01/10/14 Update

College Station police have confirmed that former missing Hardin-Simmons University graduate Brendan Boyd has been found and the case has been closed.

Boyd has been located in Mexico, and authorities say he is safe and sound.

The following is a statement released by the College Station Police Department:

On January 9, 2014, as part of this on-going investigation, the College Station Police Department received further information regarding this incident. Associates of Boyd, through the use of a Facebook page related to Boyd’s disappearance, received information from an individual who stated that Boyd was currently in Mexico working with a local church.

Contact was initiated with a representative of that church in the United States who verified that a person of the same name as the source of the information was affiliated with their church location in Mexico. A College Station Police investigator was able to speak to the individual who had claimed to have seen and gotten Boyd employment in Mexico, and he was identified as Christian Cruz. Cruz indicated to the investigator that he would re-contact Boyd to assist in efforts for authorities to verify Boyd’s welfare.

Late in the evening of January 9, 2014 a close friend who has known Boyd for several years received a phone call from Boyd stating that he was okay and in fact working in Mexico. The friend was requested to have Boyd himself contact authorities so that his welfare could be verified. Boyd later contacted Laredo Police Department and provided identifying information that verified who he was and that he was okay and working in Mexico. Cruz also provided photos of himself and Boyd that he reported were taken on January 9th.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, it is believed that Boyd has voluntarily left the country and is currently working in Mexico. He has been removed from law enforcement databases as a missing person and the investigation into his whereabouts is closed as of this time.

The College Station Police Department wishes to thank the Abilene Police Department, the Laredo Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their invaluable assistance in this matter.

01/09/14 Original Story

BCH News has spoken with several close friends of Brendan Boyd, including a former house mother where he lived. All report Brendan called and talked to them Thursday evening. 

According to them, Boyd said he was in Mexico and was safe. As of 11 p.m. Thursday, law enforcement has not released any updates on the case.

Brendan Boyd was reported missing to College Station Police on December 29th. 

Friends said he left a co-worker's apartment in College Station on Christmas morning about 12:30 in his 2007 Ford Mustang. He said he was going to get some rest before leaving town later that day.

Boyd told his friend he would text when he got home to Abilene, but Boyd never made it to his family in Abilene, nor did he show up to work on the 27th.

On January 6, Abilene police received information regarding Boyd's vehicle. It was found shortly after in Laredo outside of a convenience store.

College Station police received information from Laredo police that a male matching his description was seen at the convenience store twice on Christmas day.

College Station police have released a timeline of the events leading up to and even after Brendan Boyd's disappearance.

Brendan's Facebook page has a new post Thursday evening stating that he is alive and well. However, there's no way to know if it was actually posted by Brendan.

We will continue to update this story as new developments come in.

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