Mixed Reactions After Heated Jim Ned Bond Fails

Mixed Reactions After Heated Jim Ned Bond Fails

Many people are upset and very disapointed that the school bond failed, however, some are glad to see this outcome.
The Jim Ned bond failure sparked a wide variety of emotions from their community.

Those that hoped for a new school for the teachers and children were very disappointed today, knowing that more space and updates were not in their future.

Others, and the majority, according to the final count of votes, were glad that this bond failed.

Many of the people that are against the bond, such as Winona Brewer, a retired Jim Ned teacher, explained that the taxes would have been raised far too high. She believes that the schools can be repaired to be a good learning environment for the children.

At this point it is unclear as to what the next step will be for the school district.
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