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More Abilene Kids Need Help Affording School Lunch, But Think Before You Donate

AISD relies on donations, but there are a few procedures to follow when donating money for the students.
When a Good Samaritan's donation to an Abilene Independent School District employee was given back to them, they were surprised. The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that they were only trying to help those children that do not qualify for free or reduced lunch, but are still in need.

AISD explains that they rely on the generous donations of community members, however, they have certain procedures to follow when collecting donations.

The best way to donate is to go through a campus Parent Teacher Organization. AISD would rather accept donations in this way so that the donations are sure to go towards what the donor wants them to. 

Currently, there are over 11,300 AISD students that do benefit from the free or reduced lunch program, and Director of Student Nutrition, Jay Towell, says that the number grows throughout the school year.

Many parents that enrolled in the meal benefit program say that it makes a big difference in their budgets and are thankful that their children have two nutritious meals while at school.
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