More Details Surface About Dyess Mother Charged With Neglect

More Details Surface About Dyess Mother Charged With Neglect

We are learning more about the Dyess mother who is charged with child neglect...
A preliminary autopsy shows Tiffany Klapheke's daughter died of injuries caused by severe neglect. The 22-month old was dehydrated, malnourished and had post mortem chemical burns on her face, torso and extremities.

Her mother, Tiffany Klapheke found her unresponsive in her crib on Tuesday. Klapheke is now behind bars charged with injury to a child.

When police arrived on scene they found Klapheke's other two children, a 6 month old and a three year old, also suffering from severe neglect. Both children are recovering in a Fort Worth hospital.   
Klapheke is charged with three charges of injury to a child.

We have also learned she may not have been alone as much as she would like people to believe. Some sources have told us that she may have had a live-in boyfriend, while her husband, Timothy Klapheke was deployed in Afghanistan. He has been deployed for two months and Tiffany Klapheke says she had no one to help her with her three children. The two other children are expected to make a full recovery.

In a news release from the Abilene Police Department, APD says first responders are feeling a heavy impact from what they saw going in the house.
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