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More Than One Hundred Dogs Seized By Eastland Police

More than one hundred dogs, puppies and even rats were seized from an Eastland home and another location outside of the city.
There were enough animals to fill a warehouse.

One hundred and ten dogs, puppies and even rats were seized from an Eastland home and another location outside of the city.

"We had information that came to us that made us aware of a dog breeding operation that was taking place in Eastland County," said Eastland Police Chief Billy Myrick.

Police were tipped by a caller who said that the animals were being kept in unsanitary conditions. The owner opted to not comment on camera, but believes she had no wrong doing and properly cared for the animals.

Police have yet to release a name or press charges, but witnesses say they saw activity at a home on Plummer St.. Police say the conditions weren't pretty. 

"Walking around with a lot of them in feces and urine and just things that made it an unclean area," said Myrick. 

Volunteers like Amy Moore were called in for help in taking care of the animals.  She drove two hours from Dallas and used her vacation days to help out.

"I knew that I could easily take a couple days off work and drive and drive back," said Moore,"I wouldn't have to pay airfare so I just let my company know that I needed to take a couple of personal days off."
She's part of RedRover, a non-profit organization based in Sacramento, CA.  They provide the manpower  for large-scale animal cruelty cases.

"We came out because we knew that this amount of animals is gonna overwhelm any local community and we wanted to help the animals," said Beth Cammie, Emergency Services Manager for the organization.
All of the animals were removed and taken to an emergency shelter where they were examined by veterinarians.  They'll remain there until  the outcome of the case.

PetSmart Charities also pitched in donating hundreds of supplies like dog food and kennels. 

Moore says everyone can rest assured that they are in safe hands. 

"We're all trained volunteers, we're professionals and we know what we're doing and we're making sure that they're very well taken care of," she said. 
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