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"Most Friendly Crossing Guard" in Abilene Spreads Christmas Cheer

Don Denny, Abilene crossing guard, keeps the intersection of Yorktown and Ambler smiling throughout the school year with his cheerful greetings.
Don Denny worked for AISD for more than 26 years before retiring and taking up a new career as a crossing guard. He makes sure children safely cross the street at the intersection of Yorktown and Ambler.

He does more than just hold the stop sign in the middle of the road though, Denny brightens up the day for many. He waves to passing cars and greets children. He explains that the children are always glad to see them and show him little crafts they have made at school.

Denny has worked as a crossing guard for three years, and has started a bit of a tradition. For the past few years, he has gotten Santa to make an appearance the Thursday before the children get out of school for Christmas break.

Although Denny is retired, he is a busy man between his position as a crossing guard, volunteering with Meals on Wheels, and helping out the Veterans Affairs office. He says that he likes to stay busy and plans on being a crossing guard for as long as he can.
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