Mother Charged With Child's Death Speaks From Taylor Co. Jail

Mother Charged With Child's Death Speaks From Taylor Co. Jail

Tiffany Klapheke explains what led to her child's death.
"I have three little girls. Three years old, almost two, and six months, and I have them all by myself, all the time," says Tiffany Klapheke.

Klapheke's husband, Thomas Klapheke, is currently deployed oversees in Oman, which his 22-year-old wife says takes a huge toll on her.

"I'm so just stressed out and depressed all the time and i just need help taking care of them and i don't have any help. I don't have any family around or anything," says Klapheke.

She says it got so bad she tried to take her own life.

"I tried attempting suicide three weeks ago and my friends came in and stopped me."

Last Friday Klapheke says her 22-month old daughter started taking off her diaper around the house, and Klapheke got tired of it, so she let her daughter stay in the crib... in her own urine.

"It was wet and she was laying in the wet spot for like a week"

Klapheke says Tuesday morning she woke up to the realization that she would have to suck up her frustration and take care of her children, but what she found when she walked in the room left her in disbelief.

"When I went to get her, she was not alive," says Klapheke.

So now, Klapheke sits in the Taylor County Jail, with no choice but to think about the life she let end far too soon.

"I made a horrible, horrible mistake that I'm going to pay for for the rest of my life," she says.
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