Mother of Woman Charged With Death of 22-Month Old Speaks Out

Mother of Woman Charged With Death of 22-Month Old Speaks Out

Tiffany Klapheke's mother says she never knew anything was wrong.
A loving mother of three girls is how Tiffany Klapheke's mother describes her.

Klapheke's biological mother, Lynn Mynhier, says, "I know she loved the kids very much."

Not the 22-year-old arrested in connection with the death of her 22-month-old daughter, Tamryn.

"She was always bragging on them and taking pictures and posting them," Mynhier continues.

Klapheke's biological mother says they kept in close contact with her and had no idea anything was wrong.

She says, "It's like I'm in a dream or something. I can't explain it. I just can't believe it's happened."

According to the autopsy report, Tamryn was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. Her physical injuries, including chemical burns to the face, appear to be related to the conditions she was exposed to.

She continues, "They was healthy looking and Tamryn had them chubby cheeks and always smiling. They was always happy."

But perhaps their mother was not.

A post from Tiffany Klapheke's Facebook page may have been a cry for help.

She writes: "You say good morning when its midnight, going out of my head alone in this bed, I wake up to your sunset and it's driving me mad I miss you so bad and my heart heart heart is so jet lagged."
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